Breakfast @ Old Town White Coffee

You are growing up so quickly.  Mummy can see how attached you have grown to your papa.  How can you not, when he plays with you ALL the time.  Come to think of it, almost every night - papa will play with you after dinner until bedtime.  Wow!  Compared to mummy, papa is much much more with patience.  He teaches you to write those complicated Chinese words, holding your little hand - and never lose his patience!  Mummy on the other hand, does not know Chinese :P  So actually, mummy does have a lot of "ME" time.  Mummy will spend with grandma chit chatting or with your 3yee por talking about you - our favourite topic.

Luckily, you still cling close to mummy during bedtime.  I know one day, you will grow up and sleep on your own bed.  One day, you will be that teenager that mummy will have a headache.  But whenever, whatever - you are always number one in my heart :)

We went to Old Town White Coffee for breakfast yesterday, and you drew this while mummy was ordering food.  From left to right: 3yee Por, Grandma, Kar Yan, Papa, Mummy =)  You were so eager to show mummy how you can ride the swing yourself!!  Oh my my Kar Yan!


I used to love travelling.  Shopping, dining, sight-seeing, etc, etc.  Not anymore.  No more ever since I have you, my darling darling Kar Yan.  The thought of not being there to read you bedtime stories, to giggle with you and kissing you goodnight...ahh, it means so much to me.

I dread to think, what would happen if something happen to mummy.  There are just so much bad news lately that mummy seems to think a lot.  

That is why, mummy start to write on this blog.  

Tomorrow, I need to travel for more than five hours to Shanghai.  I dread it, but I cannot avoid it because it is work.  All mummy wish is to go and travel back safely, and to see you, hug you and kiss you again, my baby Kar Yan.

No one will ever know how much you mean to me.  All I can say, is that I love you so much, and that you mean the world to me.  Every little thing you say or do, always seem to amuse me in every way.

I love you, Kar Yan.  

Mummy have ordered quite a lot of things for you in Shanghai and will bring it back with me :)  And this include a "swimming pool" :P

This is a photo of you showing mummy your little doodle on the IPAD.

This is the first time you drew a "complete" face with two eyes and a smiley.

Yes, to mummy - it's such a fine piece of art and as lovely as the artist.

My Karat Blog

Karat in our local Bahasa language means "rusty". Yeap, my blog's been rusty for a while now as I have not been updating it for months! Lil' modem was out of service for a while..and when it's back working..I was....kinda...Bzzzzzzzz...

Yep..Busy + Lazy. Ok, ok..maybe...Lazy first...but then also busy.

I met up with an old friend the other day, whom came to know about my blog. He cannot understand why people would wanna blog about their personal stuff on the web...for others to see. He just can't understand it.

So, what is the reason I blog? Nope, not that I want other people or strangers to read about my life. Not that I want to be famous or anything...well, I hope to make some money out of bloggin' but judging from my updates....I might as well keep it as a hobby.

So, why - he asked?

Hmm. To me, it is simple. I am keeping this blog in the hope that IF, one day I am not around or something terrible happen to me...I hope that the someone whom are close to me, will share a part of me - the joy, the laughter, the sillyness...or even the sadness...that I have gone through. Ok, not that it matters to anyone, but I guess, it will matter to someone CLOSE enough. Like my husband :)

On the other brighter side, I would also like to keep track of how my emotional rollercoaster I grew up....older and wiser. Memories that I wish to cherish, and although we can keep it in our hearts, but trust me, it is so much different to read it that exact point of time when you are penning it down. :D

"So complicated?!! Women!!"....hahaha...yes, that was his he shook his head to disbelief.

He should see this movie. THAT is what I call COMPLICATED!! This story is about a successful Californian food store owner (Meryl Streep) - happily divorced from former husband (Alex Baldwin) for the last ten years, but on a trip to NY to attend their son's graduation, she starts and affair with him. Yep, imagine, an AFFAIR with ex-husband! He happens to be re-married to a younger woman (hmm...alwiz the younger ones) while she becomes involved with an architect (Steve Martin) Funny movie....

Chicken OR Egg?

Sis was arguing with me, that Operations are far MORE important than Sales. Obviously, we are both from the different sides. Like everyone else I've ever known from the Backoffice, Operations, Production, etc, etc...everyone keeps saying that theirs are the MOST important of all.

Chicken? Egg?

Egg? Chicken?

How about omellete? :D

She complained that Sales people are too selfish and bring back sh*t too often for operations to clean up. *ahem* Well, that's because there are GOOD and BAD sales people. Those that brings sh*t = BAD sales people.

But that's besides the point.

If there are no SALES, there will be no work. SIMPLE. You can have an excellent team of operational people, but with no SALES, there are simply no work to do!

How can one undermine the importance of sales people? Without them, there will be no customers....and there will be no work for operations. Don't get me wrong here, I am not saying that operations are not important. They are important, as they support the business. But not the MOST important.

Unlike SALES. :) The REAL VIP in business.

Express Lunch @ Sushi Zen, Gardens

Sushi Zanmai Pasta Zanmai Sushi Zen. How confusing can this be?

I was at Mid Valley and had a sudden craving for Jap food. I took a brochure and searched...and found Pasta Zanmai. Hmm...ok, decided to go and try! I flipped the menu and found that, errm, they serve mainly Pasta...well...that is why they were called Pasta Zanmai anyway. With my thick skin, I walked out at the restaurant and the waiters/waitresses were puzzled. Not until I told them, "I am actually looking for Sushi Zanmai, not Pasta Zanmai..sorry :P"
Apparently, they have an outlet at the Gardens! Cool!

I walked to the Gardens, then remembered this place I used to eat many moons ago. It was quite yummy that time - I think, back in 2007....Now, it's called Sushi Zen! Cool. I thought, maybe the waiter gave me wrong info - it is Sushi Zen. So, I sat down and ordered 2 dishes, my favourite grilled unagi roll and salmon belly. PLUS a chawanmushi. Drinks? Cold Green Tea.

When the salmon belly arrived, I stared at the dish for a little while, and took a picture. Hmm. It seriously didn't look yummy. Maybe it was the lighting. If I were to give points to this dish, I would give it only 3 out of 10. I won't say it is disappointing, but really not up to my expectation.

Next came my favourite STAMINA ROLL. Hmmm. Click and took a picture as well. Seriously, didn't look too good either. Points? I would give it only a 4. And the chawanmushi...geez...I have never tasted such disappointing chawanmushi before......2 points only...and that is because at least the egg is smooth.

Toro Salmon = RM 13.00, Stamina Roll = RM 12.80, Chawanmushi = RM 4.80 and my green tea is RM 1.00

All in, my lunch express cost me RM 36.35 (inclusive tax). Will I be back? Maybe 2nd chance? No Way!!! Especially when I find out that Sushi Zanmai is actually located at 3rd Floor, Gardens. Aiyayayayayayaya!!

PS: Looks yummy in photos right? That is because I edited it using Photoimpact :P What an amazing software tool!!

Bugsy Eye

With Betsy around, we have created a whole new dictionary for use with the dog. Only those close to our dog will understand. Speak other ways, and my dog will give you that puzzled look..yup, she won't understand! Even my mum, speak 'em with ease!

New doggie words created:
Hat-cha-na-na = Aiyoyoyo
Hapidy hapidy = Very Happy
Cayang cayang = Love (Malays word "Sayang")
Yo Yo or Harro Harro = Hello.
He hu He hu = Sound made by my dog when she missed me (only me!)
Monster = My sister

We'd alwiz like to say it in pairs as it sounded a lot more fun =)

Mum was away for a holiday trip in Taiwan, leaving my dog and sis in the house. Knowing my sis, she will not be home early (as usual) and my poor dog will be left alone on the house. She does not allow me to bring the dog home (even though my dog begs me to) as she watched too much JU-ON and stuff like that.

On this day, my hubby was away...I was so darn tired and it's already 9pm+. I decided to leave my poor dog home alone, and drive back to my nest. However, I can't resist but to text msg her and it turned out to be a funny moment I would like to remember:

[Me] Where r u la?
[Sis] No La me shopping in mid valley
[Me] I m going back d. Very tired.
[Sis] I thot u sleep at mama house 2nite?
[Me] No place to park my car la. Tats y I balik
[Sis] Make sure girnie stays!
[Me] There is no dog dog in the house
[Sis] I see, ok tomorrow i lock her outside the house house

[Sis] I m so hungry i m eating at madam kwan's
[Me] Ohh pandainya enjoy. Kesian girnie, alone lone in the house. I shd've brought her wif me!
[Me] Eat fast, no nd to chew and go home asap. Poor big big eye girnie waiting for someone to go home fast
[Sis] I m sure she will not miss u and she will surelyu he hu he hu me wen i reach home nanti
[Me] Ya right. In ur dreams!
[Sis] Yes dun worry i will squeeze her bugsy eye wen i got home
[Me] Juz finish ur food n get home quick. If u not home soon, there will b no bugsy eye! Don't say I din warn u! Clock is ticking! Tick Tock Tick Tock!
[Sis] Tock Tock Tock your head la i just paid the bill. Will drop by Juscos and also eat dessert first la
[Me] U r supposed to b on diet. Skip the dessert n go home la. Or YOU will b alone lone in the house.
[Sis] Ha ha ha u are the one alone lone tonight. I on the other hand got bugsy eye with me

[Sis] Ur girnie so happidy happidy her head swing left right like lion dance wen i get home
[Me] Aiyo. Now oni home. Nx time, I will definitely take her home wif me!

A typical tug-of-dog war we always have! It is a clear fact that I am the master, while she is the monster. If given a choice, my dog would not think twice and follow me home. Unfortunately, I had to leave her behind to safeguard the house and the monster...haizzz.....

And why Bugsy eye? Yes, my dog have these big eyes like Bugsy! (from movie Bedtime stories)

Old Town Kopitiam @ LCCT

Tring tring! Tring tring! Tring tring! 330am.
Tring tring! Tring tring! Tring tring! AGAIN! 345am

This time, hubby jumped out of bed as he has a flight to catch @ 7am. Yes, 7am...he is always the "gun jiong" type while I still ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz. I have set my alarm at 410am...but the sound of him brushing his teeth, showering, etc, etc woke me up for good! Should I continue to Zzzzzz and let him take the bus from sentral (since he already bought the ticket).....*yawn*......

This is 2010!! I wanna be a better person! Ok! I will wake up!! *yawn*
We reached LCCT at *yawn* about 510am...*yawn*. I was surprised to see such a long, long queue at the check-in counter. And looks like I am the only one whom is sleepy...all of them looked so refreshing....*yawn*

Hmmm...if I were to travel to Jakarta for holiday...I think, I will try to opt for other airline and not budget airline :P I didn't know there are just SO MANY Indonesians in our country!!!!!

Anyway, after the long queue...he finally check-in his flight at 530am. We then head to OLD TOWN for breakfast! Ahh....this is what he promised me for my effort to wake up so early! Kekekeke! I just love soft boiled eggs!! Yummy!!

I suddenly noticed this guy opposite our table. He looked left, right, left, right as if he wanna do something secretly. Hmmm. He had a cup of iced white coffee.... but he looked suspicious. Is he dangerous? What he's up to? I kept spying at him...until....he took out.....a white plastic bag...and chomp on the bun!! Laaa...he is bringing outside food to eat in Old Town. No wonder!!

Our bill came to about MYR 25/= which I find quite expensive for 2 white coffee, 2 set of soft boil eggs and bread!! was a yummy breakfast!!

We said our goodbyes around 610am...when I called him at 635am...he just passed the immigration. I hope he don't have to run to the flight!!!!

Anyway!! Blogged about this cuz it is the FIRST time he is travelling instead of me, after our marriage. 14th Jan 2010 to 15th Jan 2010. Jakarta. Without me.

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